What Are Flexible Partial Dentures

But with introduction of flexible partial dentures, many of the disadvantages of conventional acrylic and cast partial dentures are taken care of. Flexible dentures are a type of partial denture, which are typically constructed of nylon, or other thin thermoplastics, which differ significantly from the thicker, harder acrylic that is often used in normal dentures.

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Partial dentures are not for everyone, though they would be perfect for those who still have some permanent teeth and are certain to keep them.


What are flexible partial dentures. Because thermoplastic is not as hard as acrylic, these dentures are flexible. Flexible dentures are made from a soft and, of course, flexible thermoplastic material. This helps make these types of dentures a lot more bendable and flexible, giving rise to their popular name.

Typically more affordable than fixed restorations and only a bit more than conventional dentures with visible metal clasps, valplast offers a uniquely beautiful aesthetic quality that is unrivaled. Costs depend on your personal needs. In such cases flexible partial dentures are a better option.

Flexible partial dentures utilizes the undercuts in the ridge for retention so it is indicated in ridges where bilateral undercuts are present. Flexible partial dentures are commonly available and comfortable to wear. Flexible partial dentures are made of a softer, more flexible resin.

Those made from plastic (typically partials) are called flexible dentures, thanks to their bendable quality. Patients can benefit from increased retention without having to wear uncomfortable metal clasps. Flexible partial dentures are dental prosthesis made of thermoplastic nylon resin called polyamides used in professional dentistry since 1954.

Dentures can either replace all or some of your teeth (full or partial) and are constructed from porcelain, acrylic resin, metal, plastic, or a combination therein. Flexible partial dentures are similar to conventional partial dentures in design, but they are very different in other ways. For example you may need one tooth or you may need multiple teeth.

Flexible partials are an excellent choice for patients who are allergic to acrylic. Rather than connecting to existing teeth with a metal clasp, they also have a comfortable, more. These dentures produce high aesthetic results and blend in with your natural teeth and gum tissue color.

Typically, flexible dentures are made from a thin thermoplastic material such as nylon. Flexible partial dentures are made of a flexible plastic material. Flexible partial dentures are designed to replace a single tooth or a few teeth rather than a full set of teeth.

What are flexible partial dentures? This article discusses about the material used in. Flexible partial dentures are designed to fit the gum tissue perfectly.

Patients having tilted teeth (due to missing adjacent tooth for long time) develop an undercut where rigid partial denture are tough to insert. The flexible dentures are designed in a way that they have gum coloured extensions made from the same material which provide the required stability and retention to the denture. Flexible partials are part of the advanced restorative dentistry field of prosthodontics which remedies oral health problems pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation and maintenance of the oral function, comfort, appearance and health of patients with clinical conditions associated with missing or deficient.

Dentists use flexible dentures to replace one or more of your missing teeth either in the upper or lower jaw. They are touted for their various benefits, like being more comfortable than normal dentures, being harder to break, and being suitable for people who are allergic to traditional denture materials. Flexible partial dentures are fabricated from polyamide denture base resins, or thermoplastic resins.

Many people consider a valplast flexible partial to be the most comfortable option for their denture and the final restoration can be made quickly and precisely! Flexible partial dentures are made of softer material that is easier on your gums. Flexible dentures are a variation on that design using different, softer material.

These dentures are less likely to be displaced while eating because they don’t get enough space to move freely. Unlike other partial dentures, flexible dentures usually do not feature any kind of metal wiring or clips to fasten them in place. You can wear your dentures all day and enjoy the best parts of life like delicious meals with loved ones.

Brand names include valplast and duraflex. A cast thermoplastic partial denture is mounted with invisible clasps around natural teeth. This means that there is no need for clasps or denture adhesive.

Partial upper and lower flexible dentures usually take 3 appointments before they are ready for the final fitting. Do not require adhesive or metal Flexible partial dentures are explicitly designed to substitute a single or a few teeth instead of the entire group of teeth.

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What Are Flexible Partial Dentures

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