Steel Pipe Light Fixture Diy


We sprayed the whole thing with clear lacquer to protect the exposed steel (after wiping off the protective oil with some mineral spirits). For the six short arms that hang down and connect to the light sockets.

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Head to the store with your plan, dimensions and product list in hand.


Steel pipe light fixture diy. Use mineral spirits and rags to wipe the protective oil off all the steel pipe parts. Wires in fourths, and attach them to their respective wires using your. 3 pendant lights, 2 wall anchors, matte clear spray paint and a collection of metal fittings such as u channels, elbows and flat washers.

To create the length of the light fixture. Right now the light sockets are just sitting inside the fittings. Industrial pipe lighting fixture sockets steampunk style industrial light socket for diy wall sconce / industrial lighting stoutandburg 5 out of 5 stars (780)

A few tips for creating your own diy light fixture: These diy pipe furniture designs are a component of the open source one community duplicable city center. Many categories of diy light fixtures to choose from!

I decided to use a steel junction box cover on top of the plastic cover to support the fixture. I drilled a center hole in both covers, two holes to line up with two of the iron mount’s screw holes and ensured that one of the remaining two screw holes in the iron mount fitting lined up with one of the plastic cover’s screw holes. 3/8″ x 2″ galvanized steel pipe nipple.

Try to plan out as much of your product list before heading to the store. Next we will make a channel to conceal the wiring. Chris spray painted the porcelain bulb sockets black before wiring them.

Four 1/2” x 8” nipples. Next, cut your copper pipe into 30. Three 1/2” x 3” nipples.

Mark your 1×6 at 8 inch increments, then cross those lines with a mark 2 3/4″ from the edge of the board. Next drill a 1/2″ diameter hole at each of these intersections. Screw together the coupling and bushings, then spray them with the matte black spray paint to match the pretty ldr pipe pieces.

“nipples” refer to short threaded sections of pipe. To create the arms hanging down on the left and right sides of the light fixture. Solid brass light socket from snake head vintage.

Parts f, g, f (in that order) form the long arms on each side of the chandelier. The project is of intermediate difficulty so if you’re the handy type you shouldn’t have any problems with it. Cut both your 10 ft.

Attach the flanges, wire the sockets and then the light fixtures. Welcome to a new collection of handmade decor ideas in which we are going to inspire you with 17 amazingly creative handmade pipe lamp designs you’ll want to have immediately. Start by putting together the wooden support.

Click the images below to jump directly to each section. If you like this particular design, you can create your very own version of it using the following materials: Stain it and spray paint the screws and pipes that you’ll be using.

A handmade industrial chic three light fixture that is sure to add a truly charming accent to any home. Use a 3/4″ router bit to cut a 1/2″ deep channel lengthwise down the center of the board. Decide on materials ahead of time.

Six 1/2” x 2” nipples. For artful, layered bathroom lighting, think stylish vanity lighting, wall sconces on either side of the mirror, or even a pair of chic pendants.and for that, you can pay a pretty penny for the kind of bathroom lighting ideas you see at schoolhouse electric or cedar & moss — or you can try one of these diy bathroom light fixtures. 3/8″ x 6 galvanized steel pipe nipple.

Screw together the light fixture using the diagram above as a reference. And, while some of these images of lights. Features a quart size ball mason jar.

Here’s another example of diy bathroom lights that take advantage of the industrial aesthetic. Start with a plan in mind, know the basic size and shape you want the fixture to be. Supplies used to make diy barn lighting:

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Steel Pipe Light Fixture Diy

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