How To Cut Your Own Raw Hem Jeans

If your jeans are too long, or you just want a little distressed hem, here's an easy video showing you how to do it! Measure your jeans starting at the crotch, measure about 25 to 26 inches down the inseam, then use a ruler and a piece of chalk to draw a horizontal line denoting where the hem will be cut.

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Diy How To Cut The Hem Off Jeans – Red White Denim

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How to cut your own raw hem jeans. If you follow me on instagram (@julietatorresd) you may have caught the stories where i showed the process. How to cut your jeans. Alright, time to grab your scissors and cut along your chalk line.

Braiding starts before your nimble fingers ever grab hold of your strands. Next, on the top layer where you snipped, start cutting. “prep is such an important part of your braid,” potempa says.

You will need to add seam allowance of 1 inch to this measure, for folding under. Try to go in as straight a line as possible. You only need to do this on one leg, because you will fold the jeans and line up the hems before you start cutting.

For that iconic frayed look, tug at the hem of your jeans until frayed to your liking. Once you know the length you want, you will want to button your jeans and fold them neatly in half. Make sure that the length is even on both the legs.

Cut slowly and follow your chalk mark so that you have a nice straight edge. With a pencil, draw a line on the bottom pair, tracing the. The boots i'm wearing in the video:

If you’re wanting to be super precise, use a ruler or anything with a straight edge as your guide. Now with the shape and initial fraying done, there’s only one last step. Mark the seam allowance 1 inch from the hem line and cut all around for both the legs.

Cut off piece and initial fraying. Then take off the jeans and button them and fold them in half so they’re as straight and even as you can. Take off your jeans and lay them flat on floor, then cut with a zig zag about 1/2 below the pin mark (because the fray will get longer over time, ending up just right at that pin length).

Take off jeans and press the hemline ( without the seam allowance) on both the legs. Use fabric (or super sharp) scissors to cut the hem off your jeans. You can either wash your jeans or rub the hem against a rough surface.

Put on your jeans and mark with a safety pin where you want the length to hit (pin other leg to match) 2. Lay them on a flat surface and smooth them out so the hems on both legs are lined up straight. Put the new jeans that you want to cut underneath the old ones, matching up the waist, crotch, and side seams.

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DIY Raw Hem Tutorial 24
Diy How To Cut The Hem Off Jeans – Red White Denim

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How To Cut Your Own Raw Hem Jeans

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