How To Build Your Own Weightlifting Platform

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Do this both front and back of the platform plus both sides. Put your rack near the back of the lifting platform, on top of the plywood lifting surface.

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Time to bolt the rack to the platform.


How to build your own weightlifting platform. Get these three pieces aligned and snugged up tightly against each other, then screw the wooden top sheet down. Dedicated raised platforms, and flush platforms. There are many materials and tools needed for a weightlifting platform.

Choose an area that has enough space for the platform which will be 8' x. Here is a way to make sure your gym (or home gym) is one of those better gyms. You can put it flush with the back or leave a bit of a gap between the back edge and the rack.

To make a diy deadlift platform, you may only need usd 100 to usd 200 rather than buying at the store that can cost up to usd 360. Building a weightlifting platform for your weightlifting gym or garage gym may seem like a daunting task. With your yard stick and your marker measure off 2 feet from outside of the boards that are glued together.

These are very simple and should take no more than a couple of hours to put together if you take your time. A lifting platform can be made from plywood, but it is recommended that you use something like an olympic weightlifting platform, which is made of steel and has a lot of arm holes and accessories. Use a straight edge and chalk or a marker to draw a straight line along which to cut.

You should build your deadlift platform to save your money. Once you have the rubber cut, lay it on the platform along the outside edges of your lifting surface. Mark out your dedicated platform area, this can be done with tape, paint, or whatever form of marker you’d like to use.

Using your utility knife, slice away at the rubber using your line for guidance. My favorite design for building platforms is the one laid out by matt reynolds with brett mccay here: As you begin to make progress, you can actually fold your mat in half and let the weight peel the two pieces apart.

Place the first set of plywood boards on a solid, flat surface. Take your drill and screws and screw through the 4×8 sheet roughly where the corners of the base layer sheets are. I used maple wood, a premium hard.

Some simple tools will make this process much faster, but you don’t need many. Build a deadlift platform is also easy. Lay down a 4×8 osb sheet over the two 4×4 sheets from step 1.

This tends to work much better than trusting your line and cuts. You can buy a deadlift platform in a gym or fitness store, but you will spend quite a lot of money. Once you have the rack nice and lined up, drill a pilot hole for the lag screws, as seen above.

Make sure that the boards are laid next to each other with the long part of the boards butted up. This will require 8 screws total but feel free to use more if you require. Place your third wooden board in the center of the 2 boards using the marks you made to ensure its centered correctly.

These platforms are easy to build and they.

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