Homemade Fly Swatter Duct Tape


Now when i say super cheap, i mean, super cheap. I hand sewed 4 plastic canvases together.

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Simply combine ¼ pound of raw sugar, 1 pint of milk and 2 ounces of ground pepper in a saucepan and place it on the heat.


Homemade fly swatter duct tape. Then i cut the into a fly swatter shape. Thankfully, my homemade fly trap still works great, thankyouverymuch. Use a fly swatter or space spray or insect growth regulator spray to kill the adult flies from laying more eggs and also to keep the.

Tape the black output wire to the positive lead on the battery and the white wire to the negative lead. Surround the front of the transformer with duct tape. This method of getting rid of annoying insects is characterized by accessibility and a simple principle of action.

You can glue it or tape it, if you like, but mine nestled in there snugly on its own. It is a long cane, to the end of which a piece of soft rubber or silicone is attached. A towel or a newspaper folded several times can also replace such.

Flip the top over, and stick it back into the bottle’s base to form a funnel. And prove that there is not. I used white foam core board and cut it in the shape of a flyswatter, cut a hole through the middle and used silver tape.

If playback doesn't begin shortly, try. Several similar products are sold, mostly as toys or novelty items, although their supporters maintain that they work as well as traditional fly swatters. Place battery and transformer on handle as shown.

In this collection we want to show you the most ridiculous, funny and unexpected solutions to everyday problems, which, nevertheless, somehow work! Before flies drive you nuts so that you unwittingly resort to some harsh chemicals, try this floor trap that is sure to beat at them at their own annoying game. You can tear the tape to.

Hubby couldn't find the fly swatter so he made his own out of a stick and duct tape. Wrap duct tape around the transformer and the battery, connecting them to the handle. Plunge the basket into your bubble solution and wave it around.

Place battery and transformer on handle as shown. Surround the front of the transformer with duct tape. Place the paper cone in the opening of the wine bottle, and tape it in place if need be.

How to make a taser from a fly swatter: I bought everything at michael’s. You will see this and much more below.

Bait (sugary liquid with dish washing soap mixed in) Green duct tape, black pipe cleaners, silver pipe cleaners, black felt, red glitter, n green plastic canvas. So i already created this project so i am just showing the one i have already built,but i wanted to show everyone how to make one too, for super cheap.

Simply dunk it into the liquid and spin around. Once again, the inferior intellect of the fly will allow it to find its way in but not back out the tiny hole. You can turn the tables on the houses flies through a simple homemade trap.

Or cut the basket into several squares or. Put a drop of water of equal size on masking tape and duct tape and if the contact angle of the water on the adhesive is different you know the surface energy is different. Combine ingredients in a bowl and pour it into a spray bottle.

The foam eliminates the noise of the fly swatter hitting the pipe. Easy homemade flyswatter costume my son wanted to be something fun for halloween and he always wants something homemade so we came up with a flyswatter costume where his face was the squished fly. The following are materials you will need to create a pvc pipe xylophone:

I cut 2 frames out of poster board and taped them together with the green tape. Only about $10 to make this whole thing using ab… You can touch it see how tacky it feels to get an idea of the difference in the modulus of the adhesive.

No clean, unused swatter on hand? Any cup or jar will work with this method if you don't have a wine bottle. It works too! fly swatter

I made a fly swatter. An old proven way to kill flies is a fly swatter. Anything hard used as a mallet will add its own sound to the instrument as the plastic strikes the pipe.

The foam covered fly swatter ended up being perfect! A gaming chair made of duct tape and pillows, a wheel made of a piece of wood, a homemade flytrap made of real cobwebs! Tape the black output wire to the positive lead on the battery and the white wire to the negative lead.

Cut out the length of duct tape and wind around the can. The little plastic baskets that berries come in work great as well. How to make a fly swatter with duct tape.

Fill it with any sweet bait and liquid and put the paper cone on top. Homemade fly killer spray recipe.

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Homemade Fly Swatter Duct Tape

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