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Instead, make a bottle of this diy granite countertop cleaner. With just 4 ingredients, this diy natural granite cleaner spray, made without vinegar, will clean and disinfect your countertops.

Diy Granite Cleaner – Clean Mama Granite Cleaner Cleaning Cleaning Hacks

Clean your countertops naturally may 8 tags cleaning , natural cleaning learn all about how to care for your granite and the earth at the same time by making your own diy granite cleaner out of rubbing alcohol, castile soap, and a couple of essential oils.


Diy granite cleaner clean mama. Rubbing alcohol, also called isopropyl alcohol, has excellent antiseptic properties and is great for disinfecting. Avoid using bleach on granite to prevent damaging the sealer. This homemade granite cleaner uses simple, recognizable ingredients that you can feel good about using, even in your kitchen!

Fill the rest of the bottle with water. Shake cleaner well before each use. Spray cleaner on sponge or soft microfiber cloth.

The #2 offender is vinegar. If you want your diy granite cleaner to have a light fragrance, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils. Learn how to clean granite surfaces using mild cleaning solutions.

Directions for diy granite cleaner. Make a homemade cleaner using baking soda, dish soap, and warm water, and clean away stains with a soft cloth. 1/4 cup alcohol — rubbing or cheap vodka;

Buff it dry until all cleaner is gone and stone surface is shiny. Here are two ways you can make granite cleaner at home. 3 drops of dish or castile soap;

Plus, you can make it scented with your choice of an essential oil to suit yourself. If you’re looking to save money, making your own cleaning products is a. To mix up your own batch of granite cleaner, you’ll need the following ingredients.

You’ll love it and it costs just a fraction of the cost of store bought granite cleaners. Find more detail at one good thing by jillee. You can see my diy natural disinfecting recipe here.

Fill to the dotted line with water. Give the mixture a light shake to combine the ingredients. I never liked the smell of vinegar, but have found ways to use it effectively and enjoy the scent.

Spray some amount of liquid on your countertop and rub dirt and dust off with a microfiber cloth. See more ideas about cleaning household, granite cleaner, diy cleaning products. Supplies for diy granite cleaner.

While i’ve called this a “diy granite cleaner”, it actually works great on many surfaces. It cuts through oils and evaporates quickly, which makes it the perfect ingredient for granite. Clean surface in small, circular motions.

Mix 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol, a few drops of dish soap, and some water in a spray bottle, and shake the bottle well. Add three drops of dish soap. Pour the rubbing alcohol into the glass spray bottle.

The main ingredient in this miracle granite countertop cleaner spray is rubbing alcohol. Follow these steps to make your granite cleaner recipe: Collect these ingredients from your kitchen or hallway closet:

The disinfecting properties of alcohol, coupled with the. Vinegar is another common base for homemade cleaners, and it’s a sneaky offender because vinegar is often used to bust through soap residue.

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Diy Granite Cleaner Clean Mama

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