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The km ant pro liquid ant and insect feeder is a unique ant bait station that slowly releases liquid ant bait (sold separately) into a serving tray that easily allows ants and insects to feed 24/7. Otherwise the liquid ant bait may leak out from the station.

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Maxforce pushbox ant bait stations are easy to use and effective against a number of ant species.


Diy ant bait station. If you chose a good location and prepared the right kind of bait, you'll probably find ants swarming around the bait within a few hours. Fill the stations with the antmaster liquid ant bait and close lid. Place your ant bait in an area where you see ants the most.

Still, not everyone wants to go to that kind of trouble. 1 x antmaster liquid ant bait; If you’ve removed all possible food sources and the ants still won’t take the bait, you need to contact a pest control professional.

Here’s how to use boric acid, sugar, cornmeal, and soap to get rid of ants in your home. There are many different ways how you can make borax bait stations. The 360 degree feeding tray at the base of the station is protected from the elements, yet allows ants and insects to come from all sides to feed.

Can be used indoors and outdoors; Once termites have been attracted to the baiting station, they continue feeding and building up in numbers, travelling to and from the nest. Replace the lids, and place the bait traps wherever you’re noticing an ant problem.

Used by industry professionals as well as the homeowner, termicure provides an inexpensive alternative to expensive chemical barrier treatments. Since the basic recipe for ant killing bait includes water, borax and a sweet flavoring, many diyers are eager to try mixing ant bait on their own. It will take multiple feeds but it is the most certain way to kill termite colonies.

Diy white ant bait station made easy and cheap using scraps from a building site. My husband likes to add the peanut butter. Also showing three different type of bait stations.please remember to sub.

The complete 'do it yourself' basic black ant control kit. The main benefit of this product is being able to notice termite activity which would’ve otherwise gone unnoticed. Most people suffer from ants in their house at some time.

Ants can be tough to kill, but these simple diy traps really work. Ready to use bait station; So really, it would be possible to make a diy version of these traps by mixing borax with a sweet substance such as sugar.

So, to successfully make your own termite baits, simply take a piece of 90mm pvc pipe, and cut it to a length of approximately 220mm. This diy bait station is also safe for your plants. Put the mixture on a piece of cardboard or open container and wait.

Once you notice termite activity in your white ant bait stations, you can apply termite bait which works by eradicating the entire colony. If you just want something quick and easy that will solve most indoor ant problems, terro stations are a good choice. Also contains the bittering agent.

Mixing your own ant bait is another option to tackle ants, especially if you’re an avid diyer. Borax can be easily found in the store and in order to make a bait you will just have to place borax on the baseboard and locate this bait in the area where you think termites are present. If you are going to place the stations horizontally then only fill them half full.

10 x ant bait stations; Diy termite bait stations are an easy process to install. Once applied, the working termites will carry the bait back to the termite nest to destroy the termite colony.

The stations are designed to attract termites to a preferred source (timber) contained within the station itself. The stations keep sticky gels and granular baits in a contained space that is off of counter tops and other surfaces, but allows access to the bait for ants and other insects. To make the ant bait, mix a small amount of jam with 2 tablespoons of borax and combine thoroughly.

The exterminator can inspect the area, diagnose the problem, and recommend an. You want the bait to be somewhere along their regular travel path. The termicure termite baiting system is designed for diy termite management and is the simplest and most effective termite diy baiting system on the market today.

Kill the ants once and for all using borax and sugar! For the easiest one you will need: Superway white ant termite bait is a powder which is mixed with clean unchlorinated water and applied to our diy termite bait stations once termite activity has been sited.

Stir in water, until you have a soupy mixture. If you want, you can just use the dry borax/sugar mixture as your bait. Easy to use ant kit.

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Diy Ant Bait Station

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