Build Truck Bed Cover Out Of Plywood

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The next step prepares two distinctive frames to hold the cover. Therefore, apply certain coats to induce beauty & let it dry for sometimes.

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First step concerns with collecting necessary materials with supporting tools.


Build truck bed cover out of plywood. Screw the locking mechanism in the 2×4 and then bolt the second piece of. Attach the plywood step 3: There shoudl be no overlap where both frames join, cause there is where the hinge goes.

Cut a length of 1/2″ plywood at that height and to run the length of your truck bed. Please support this channel by support them. The racks are meant to haul more weight and meet the special needs of the working truck.

You can hide the mess underneath it and sleep on. Using these tools and wood or plywood, you can also make diy paper towel holder or wine rack. Paint the bed in the way you like and then finish with a foam bed mattress to get luxurious comfort.

These will sit on top of the 2″ x 6″ crossbars and act as the platform on which you could put a sleeping pad, sleeping bag, etc. Then, you’re to cut two plywood pieces as per the bed shape. Using the 1/2″ gaps in my plastic bedliner, slide the sheet of plywood into the appropriate groove, and then screw the short 2×4 braces into the plywood.

How to build truck bed or suv drawers. A tape measure should cost less than $15 dollars, check out the best rated komelon speed mark measuring tape on which goes for $6 only. It will fix all of your problems!

Painting the surface isn’t compulsory but imparts further durability. Metal screws (check cordless and electrician screwdriver) rail; Cover it with black paint!

Next, i attached a piano hinge, which i purchased at home depot for $12.00. Now that the wood has been cut to size, you can place the planks into the grooves on the edges of the bed and put your. The drawers look great while hiding your precious cargo.

Install your wood truck bed tonneau cover; Building the frame was an easy process once we knew the what we were after. Attach the piece of plywood to the hinges so it creates a bed lid which swings up towards the cab.

Make use of the vinyl fabric; Attach the hinges in the 2×4 at the front of the truck bed and on the toneau cover. Put styrofoam in between the spaces of the framing fixtures.

Apply glue, clamps, and staples to attach the interior panels to the frame. Diy sliding truck bed with plywood. Having your storage spilled all over the place can look very messy.

It will be easy for you to make the diy tonneau cover if you have all the tools that are needed. Using screws and glue i attached 1/8” plywood to the bottom rails and then using screws and every 4” slowly bent the plywood over the radiused corners of the end caps. Using plywood or light wooden planks is the most vital part of how to build a lightweight truck camper guide.

Note that you will have to cut notches on the rear corners of the plywood because the corners of the bed are slanted. Screw these down on the plywood with small beveled wood screws. Thanks to lowe's for sponsoring this diy woodworking video!

Cut two pieces of plywood one for each frame, remember that these pieces will be the cover, so they must overlap the bed sides, cut them following your car shape. An excellent way to avoid that can be by making a sliding truck bed with some plywood! Screw this piece to the side rails using a screw driven through each side of the brace piece and into the side rails.

We decided to place a ¾” plywood platform base on the bed of the truck to provide a nice level foundation to build the platform on, and by dividing the platform base into 3 sections it makes it easier to fit into the bed (and remove if needed) with the camper shell still on. The materials might include the following: If you want a sleek look to complement your desire for organization, make some drawer slides for the bed of your pickup truck.

Using 1/2 plywood we started framing out the bed platform/drawers. In my case the 4’ wide sheet of plywood covered the sides and came within 6” of the centre mark on my end pieces. We needed the frame to span the entire width between the wheel wells so.

Just empty out the backside of your truck and make a plan for the bed. Wrap the plywood using a vinyl so that it would look more attractive similar to those tonneau cover sold in the market. Steps on how to make a wood truck bed tonneau cover.

This diy truck bed storage project makes two big drawers and then adds a number of compartments to keep things tidy within each. Wall brackets for adjustable shelving. Essential for taking measurements of the truck bed width as well as the required piece of plywood for the truck.

These racks are built stronger using thicker materials and strategically placed gussets.

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Build Truck Bed Cover Out Of Plywood

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